lätt värld

Easy world!

My name is Iggy LAMF and I am not Marta. I am not a russian bot taking over Martas website, but I have been invited by Marta to post here anything that I think is cool…it will hopefully be varied, but never boring.

Firstly everyones still talking about that Sotheby’s prank Banksy pulled last week.  Not only did this pr stunt overshadow everything at the Frieze art fair, it also overshadowed somthing else that I want to celebrate…at that same Sotheby’s auction a new record was made for a living female artist, with the sale of ‘Propped’ by the amazing Jenny Saville. Whilst I dont care much for auction results (as i find that ‘art as a rich persons commodity’ all a bit vulgar) they are important for artists careers and i wanted to celebrate Jenny Saville in achieving something historic for women artists.

The last time dark times happened in the UK great music was made – punk. I have always predicted great culture in the time of Brexit, made from the pressure and bleakness that is the UK mood right now…and i was right. An angry, intelligent and passionate punk album was released the other week and its really picking up a buzz.  The album is ‘Joy as an an act of resistance’ by Idles. I could write paragraphs on why the band or the album matters in this day and Brexity age. But just go listen to it…they are the real deal (slogging away since ’11) and have created an album that deserves a spot in your record shelf.


Ok Marta world…see you soon