My favourite art club in London


Club for the surrealistically distinguished

The Club

What on eath is it? The club and stash gallery is here to provide an escape far from the maddening normal crowd. Enjoy a drink, forget about work, family, friends; we are your family now. Wander into idyllically silly conversation and concentrate on our nonsensical happenings both musical and spoken. We are a convivial tatter of dreamers who make things occur.

We have been imagining and planning this club for many years, a special room more like a cocktail party than a club; A stash to hang out. You may ask yourself one night,‘How did I get  here?  Why?’ Together we bring an unusual expertise in the art of fun, human, alcohol, mixing and shaking; And laughter. We’ve been hard at work to make a perfect place for the imperfect humans we all are.

Written by the fabulous club owners Sophie & Jan

Atmospheric images of Vout-O-Reenees by John Claridge other images by William Corbet of the inside space

A hidden jewel of a club with a separate art gallery. Filled to the brim with inspiration and likeminded creatives and eccentric people. A place to have fun and expect the unexpected.

Your new favourite place.

Märta x

(Below Sophie & Jan)

Vout-O-Reenee’s and The Stash Gallery are located at
The Crypt (below the Church)
30 Prescot St
London E1 8BB