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Our Ethos
Märta Larsson isn’t just another brand – it’s something personal.
It’s not a brand name plucked from focus groups, but the name of the brands founder – Märta Larsson. Märta is a mother, an artist and someone who cares deeply about the world we live in. The brand reflects Märta, her imagination, her designs, her ideas and her beliefs – including her views on sustainability. We proudly follow her lead by trying passionately to make every aspect of the brand fully sustainable – from the sourcing and treatment of core materials through to the mail order packaging and live events. We were born in the forest of Lapland, and we want to protect them. We create Jewellery from Mother Nature, and we want to protect her. We love living on this crazy planet, and we want to protect it.
Märta Larsson Jewellery pieces are truly unique, one of a kind pieces that are made by hand in Stockholm, Sweden. Conscious of waste culture, we only buy materials that we guarantee we will use. We work locally in small production runs, and use no excessive plastics, we make no wasteful journeys, we don’t burn toxics and almost all packaging is made from recycled materials.
All of our silks are digitally printed in Europe, using Azo dye free inks and are printed using modern technology that uses less water than traditional printing methods. Our supplier also sends fabric off-cuts to be recycled as bioenergy and makes donations to educational and charity facilities.
We partner with DHL for express deliveries. Each delivery will have its carbon footprint offset by DHL, so you can shop with confidence, knowing that your items not only be sent as quickly and as safely as possible, but also they will be sent as environmentally friendly as possible. If preferred, you could also specify the slower surface mail (Postnord) option, which uses less transport, meaning less carbon footprint needing to be offset and therefore a more environmentally friendly option.
In 2020 we are making giant strides in ensuring a better future for the planets environment, and by supporting us, you will be helping us every step of the journey.