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The Rock Guide

Each stone is picked not only for their beauty, but also for the unique characteristics they possess. We have created this simple guide to help you select the stone that best fits your personality.


Named after the stylish dog, this chic stone encourages a sense of playfulness in your life and brings a grounding, calming energy that supports both family and loyalty. The perfect tonic for these turbulent times.

Dalmatian stone is said to create a sense of playfulness in those who see and wear it. It reminds us to enjoy the simple things in life and helps us feel light hearted.


Malachite, despite sounding like an evil witch from Wicked, is one of the most important minerals to protect you from negative energies.  Its your force field of positivity,  blocking out negativity from whatever angle it attacks you from. If you suffer from self-confidence, it boosts that too - and not just because we will use the stone in our jewellery to make you look completely fabulous!


Pyrite…aka ‘Fool’s Gold’, but you're no fool for falling in love Pyrite!

Since the mysterious and ancient Inca’s used Pyrite for meditation and divination, it has long been seen also as a powerful protection stone, acting as a shiny gold shield against everything from bad energy and negative emotions. Pyrite. Not for fools, but there to protect you from them.

Pyrite is a great symbol of prosperity and good fortune.


Quartz is used in oscillators, watches, sandblasting…and now it's being used to make you look even more jaw dropping! One of the most well known and loved minerals on earth, it is also arguably the most powerful of all the healing stones, amplifying any energy or intention…sounds cool!

Excellent for harmonising and stabilising one's environment and is helpful in romantic relationships.

Lapis Lazuli

From Yves Klein to Yves Saint Laurents Majorelle Gardens, this rich royal blue colour has always expressed impeccable style and taste, and here we use it expressed by the queen diva herself, Mother Nature, with her beautiful Lapis Lazuli. Although it sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, it will cast its spell over you, make you look ice cold cool and give you beautiful compassionate qualities to boot. 

A stone of wisdom, intuition, and truth.


One of our personal favourites - not just to look at and admire, but its name is a personal favourite to yodel very loudly after a few drinks.

Known as a key stone for spontaneity…pop this on and wait for that unexpected text asking you out for a wild night that you’ll never forget. Case in point, we wore it and woke up in Las Vegas married. We started our night in Stockholm…

A stone for your inner goddess. Chrysocolla is a vibrant, unusual stone that encourages confidence, creativity and brings joy and music to our daily routines.

Yellow Fluorite

French playwright Molière famously said ‘Gold makes the ugly beautiful’ but as we all know, Märta Larsson customers are already perfect 10’s…so imagine how hotter you’ll be wearing Yellow Fluorite aka Golden Fluorite!

Not content with just improving your physicals, Yellow Fluorite is also a crystal of unity, intellect and creativity. Stimulating your Solar Plexus Chakra (now thats a name for a band!) it increases logic, understanding, imagination and resourcefulness.

The mineral is said to help bring ideas and goals into reality through action and intent. To stabilise group energy. To promote a positive outlook on life. To promote love between all that exists….it basically does everything except pay your credit card and taking the bins out.


Slay and say goodbye to fear and doubt by wearing Black Tourmaline!

Raise your inspiration, self confidence levels and prosperity without the need of a Yoga teacher, a $200 pill or an online diploma by wearing one of our Black Tourmaline designs.

It symbolises safety, grounding, and protection.


Don’t worry! Don’t panic! Amethyst is a natural tranquilliser, but it won’t cause you to fall asleep on the stranger next to you while you ride the Metro, or cause you to fall asleep while working heavy duty machinery. It will however, cause you to chill the funk out when the down of life hit. Forget the CBD Vape, forget the triple gin or that Erik Satie Spotify playlist, Amethyst will be your new instant chill mode enabler.

It has an ability to stimulate the mind and emotions.

Ruby Zoisite

Sounds less like a power mineral and more like one of Bowie’s 70’s girlfriends …but it is a power mineral, and an awesome cocktail of power that we all need in these strange days. 

The ruby minerals bring courage & strength whilst banishing fear and anxiety, and the Green Zoisite produces growth in all aspects of your life. So put down that Nutrabullet of health, or that triple French 75,  and strap on Ruby Zoisite to see your day right!

 Offers the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth.

Black tourmaline

Slay and say goodbye to fear and doubt by wearing Black Tourmaline!

Raise your inspiration, self confidence levels and prosperity without the need of a Yoga teacher, a $200 pill or an online diploma by wearing one of our Black Tourmaline designs.

It symbolises safety, grounding, and protection.

Rose Quartz

No, not the pink wine but Rose Quartz. Love, peace and beauty…all qualities that the world needs more of today.

Since Ancient Egypt, Rose Quartz has long been associated with physical beauty and love. Add this powerful crystal of the heart to your stylish outfit and you will soon set hearts racing. 

As a stone of love, Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal for anyone seeking to

bring more love into their life.

Purple Fluorite

Let it purple rain all over you with the powerful Purple Fluorite!

Do you sometimes wish you could cheat in Life? Get some life-hacks that actually work? Yeah…us too. Sometimes we want to improve ourselves - learning new skills or to simply become more creative. Instead of attending a boring night course or paying to download an app that never loads, may we introduce you to the ‘Genius Stone’…Purple Fluorite!

Representing the highest state of mental achievement (hence the ‘Genius’ part) Purple Fluorite has inherent properties that boosts aptitude & discernment and boosts absorption of new information and helps with working through complex issues….pretty useful right? Purple Fluorites achieves this by stimulating the electrical charge of your brains cells, and drawing in more Prana (your life force) - meaning that both your hemispheres are working together in full balance….all together making you a better, balanced, more focused and absorbing person…oh, and on top of that is stunning to look at. You don’t need to be a genius to see why we love Purple Fluorite!

Blush Quartz

Cats are cool, but you don’t have to endure the smell of cat litter to gain unconditional love round the clock. Enter the Blush Quartz….carrying with it a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness and healing - its kind of like a rock version of Gandhi…if Gandhi was feminine…and a rock. Blush Quartz is most famous however for its comforting powers, so whatever curveballs life throws at you, shield yourself with this nourishing gem.


Galena. Your new must have for getting through the stresses of modern life.

When life is hectic, you often need something to ground you. For some thats a night in with a boxset or Netflix but for us its wearing the Galena - the ultimate stabilising stone.

Stimulating and balancing your energy, it can remove emotional blocks that even a good Gin & Tonic can’t touch. Infusing you with a strong ‘can do’ attitude, the Galena can balance any confusion, conflict or overworked emotions that might be dominating your life. Wisdom, enlightenment and the ability to convert negative energies to useful and uplifting energies are also a few of the side perks that come with it. Sounds good? Give it a try!

Green Fluorite

Like Mick Jagger with supermodels, Green Fluorite is one of the most collected Stones in the world. Known as “The Genius Stone” this little beauty will bring intelligence and wisdom into your wardrobe.

Fluorite has the meaning of direction, confidence, and self-love.