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Purple Fluorite

Let it purple rain all over you with the powerful Purple Fluorite!
Do you sometimes wish you could cheat in Life? Get some life-hacks that actually work? Yeah…us too. Sometimes we want to improve ourselves - learning new skills or to simply become more creative. Instead of attending a boring night course or paying to download an app that never loads, may we introduce you to the ‘Genius Stone’…Purple Fluorite!
Representing the highest state of mental achievement (hence the ‘Genius’ part) Purple Fluorite has inherent properties that boosts aptitude & discernment and boosts absorption of new information and helps with working through complex issues….pretty useful right? Purple Fluorites achieves this by stimulating the electrical charge of your brains cells, and drawing in more Prana (your life force) - meaning that both your hemispheres are working together in full balance….all together making you a better, balanced, more focused and absorbing person…oh, and on top of that is stunning to look at. You don’t need to be a genius to see why we love Purple Fluorite!


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