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We do not feel the need to apologise for our individuality and personality. We lean into them, own them and amplify them. This bold unapologetic bravery is our holy grail. It keeps us honest and makes us proud to be us.


As a brand we are self-assured, powerful and assertive. Always showing a willingness to take risks. To do this we should always be confident and courageous.


Drawing on the vibrant, frenetic energy of Märta herself, the brand celebrates a raw and natural quality. It’s authentic and unpolished, yet sophisticated.


Much like our customers we are the only one of our kind. Our rocks are distinctive, completely individual and as a brand we celebrate this, enabling us to act with integrity.


Love underpins everything we do. From how we make our products to how we treat our customers. This passion and commitment means we create strong bonds and collaborations with everyone we work with. From day one we have put our heart and souls into our work and it shows.



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